Friday, October 29, 2010

On the Run: Brooklyn

Last week we enjoyed 24 hours in NYC!  I got to hang out with good friends, get a massage at Bliss, and soak up the street fashion.  A big reason I started this blog is to make sure I don't slip into a deep depression up here in the wilderness and stop dressing myself.  I've seen some signs of that happening and I'm fighting it!  Step one: organize the closet... well, maybe later.

I'm posing with a Hans Van de Bovenkamp sculpture titled Undulation on Pratt's campus.  I loved being a student here and walking through the rotating sculpture garden that makes up the campus.  I'll have to hunt out sculpture gardens upstate.  I keep meaning to go to Storm King which is not so out of the way when I drive back to visit my parents, but somehow I never leave myself enough time.  Maybe it will be a trip for the Spring.

Dress: thrifted
Vest: Nine West circa 2000
Boots: Coach via Loehmann's

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  1. I like your dress!!xx