Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bows and Stripes Forever

I found this little spot tucked away on Cornell's campus one day on an extended walk.  It's an odd combination of Japanese garden, institutional building, and old classical sculpture.  Somehow I imagine it to be at its best in the winter.  Luckily winter sticks around for a long time up here. 

Today I accessorized with orange lipstick.  Since there's no Sephora here, I can't just run out and pick up the latest Nars lipstick color I've been coveting (Red Square in case you're interested).  Instead, I spent $5 at CVS on the most obnoxiously orange shade I could find.  I'm also DYING for a bang trim, but my upcoming Halloween costume won't allow it.  I cut my own bangs due to an ill fated trim at a salon a year ago.  I figured nothing I could do would look as bad as that- and I was right.

Top: UO
Jeans: Aristocrat via Loehmann's
Flats: UO

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