Thursday, November 18, 2010

You Make My Heart Sing

Isn't this the sweetest mural?  Not sure why there's a Where the Wild Things Are mural on the side of a jewelry shop, but I'm glad it's there.  You almost got photos of a lighthouse, but I can't figure out how to get to it.  I can see it from Cass Park, but that's definitely not how you get there.  I'll tromp around another time with different footwear to figure it out.  These princesses have never encountered moisture, and I'd like it to stay that way.

I heart New York.  My friend Julie has detailed the reasons she's ready to move away.  One reason is that in the city, you're anonymous.  That's one of the things I miss the most- especially when it comes to taking pictures for my blog.  I try to pick secluded locations, but this mural was too good to pass up.  The woman who lives next door was watching me out her window a la Norman Bates' mother the entire time, and a guy drove up and asked me if I wanted him to take my picture for me.  Uh, did you miss my 5' tripod?  If I were in NYC I could set myself on fire and nobody would care.  Best friggin city ever!

Sweater: Express
Shirt: DKNY mens
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Coach via Loehmann's
Necklace: Truche's etsy shop


  1. holy moly thats the best mural ever!!

    I take my photos indoors mostly just to avoid strange comments. But because I live in Vegas, whenever I'm out and about and my bf takes photos of me people just think were tourists so its all good :)

    I need a little necklace like that with a california in it!

  2. Love this outfit... the boots are so gorgeous! Might want to think about water-proofing them, just in case? :)
    That mural is adorable as well.

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  4. That location is epic, well worth a bit of embarrassment, though I do hate it when people stare at you all the way down the street when you have your tripod. Nice outfit too!

  5. first time by your blog - you are too cute! love this outfit and that mural takes me back!! Where the Wild Things Are... one of my fav books ever.

    I'll def be back to read more and I so agree about the City. Not a single would care yet somehow I still love it here.

  6. that mural is awesome! i also l-o-v-e your boots.


  7. Love the outfit

  8. You look so cute & I just adore that mural!!!

  9. You find the best backgrounds ever!