Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello, 2011!

Matt & I went out to a dinner party and then out for a quick drink with friends.  The drink was quick since Ithaca does not really acknowledge a holiday based around a late night of cocktails and all the bars stuck to their usual 1 am closing times.  That aside it was a perfect low key festive evening followed by a perfect low key sloth like day of eating, napping and football.

I had a quick twirl in the backyard before we headed out to celebrate.  I was going to take advantage of my close proximity to an H&M while I was home to find something sparkly for New Year's Eve.  Instead, I decided to take advantage of proximity to boxes and boxes of old clothes in my parent's basement and ended up plucking this red sparkly top (last worn NYE '03) from fashion obscurity and paired it with some more newly acquired duds.

Shrug- ooooold, from Loehmann's
Shirt- I.N.C. circa '03
Skirt: BCBG
Tights: Betsey Johnson via Marshall's
Booties: Seychelles via Gilt
Earrings: Simply Vera
Ring: MoMA

Today we had a leisurely stroll out to a giant waterfall.  I was looking forward to seeing how it transforms from season to season.  This is the first time we've seen it partially frozen.  It looks like I'm pretty bundled up in this photo, but as usual, I was under dressed, so we hiked briskly.  This outfit is mostly care of the Army Navy store, but the vest is a hand-me-down from Dad.  He got it on our 1983 trip to Maine.  A stop at the L.L. Bean Outlet is mandatory on any Maine vacation.

Hope you had a festive and relaxing start to the New Year!


  1. Love your cute outfit in the top pic...and that waterfall looks totally amazing! HOW COOL! :)

  2. gasps, your leggings are so adorable!!! you look tres chic :) and wow, so jealous you got to witness something as beautiful as that waterfall <3

  3. Happy 2011 Laura :)
    Thanks for your comment!


  4. Happy New Year my dear
    Wishing you Love & Happiness in 2011


  5. fantastic blog!!

    do you want be my new follower??

  6. amazing photos my dear! happy ny! :) xo

  7. really cute outfit for NYE!! and great photo of the waterfall

  8. Happy New Year!! And wow I always wanted to see a real waterfall...
    The picture looks great ^^ xx

  9. happy new year darling
    hope your 2011 starts off good

  10. You look lovely and festive! The waterfall is gorgeous!

  11. Very chic outfit! And doesn't MoMA have the best accessories?! :)


  12. hey
    thanks for the comment
    seems like you had an amazing time
    i love your tights and your skirt

  13. wow that waterfall is soooo cool!! you both look so happy :) x

  14. I want to go to that waterfall..looks dreamy!! you are so cute!

    XO Lisa

  15. Very chic outfit! I love how the patterned tights add interest to the entire outfit. Good job!