Monday, December 6, 2010

Le Weekend: Winter Formal

This weekend I went with Matt to his winter semi formal.  It was my first "college" dance.  I put college in quotes since it's business school, but I did take a thermos full of wine, so that makes it college.  I was a little too cool for school when I was an undergrad so I didn't really attend much on campus, plus my school was in NYC, so it wasn't your typical college experience.

Why is there only one lonely ornament on this tree?  Anyway, I didn't take pictures thinking about putting them on the blog, so I just picked the one that showed my dress the best.  I got it about 3 years ago for another holiday party.  It has treated me well!  My shoes are a result of having Achilles tendinitis for the past year.  I'm not supposed to wear heels (yeah, I said a year) so I figure if I just wear 2" and under, it's a decent compromise. 

My bestie gave me Bumpits for my birthday, so I decided to bump it for the dance.  I'm not a big fan of teasing my hair- it seems so damaging.  Plus, I've spent my whole life trying to make my hair smaller, so it's just unnatural for me to make it bigger.  Hence, Bumpits.  Like I said, I wasn't really taking blog photos, so most of them are of this nature:

Hope you're having a festive start to your holiday season!

Dress: Theory via Loehmann's
Earrings: Simply Vera, Vera Wang for Kohl's
Bracelet: Marc Jacobs
Bracelet: Laundry
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. HA! That last picture looks so fun & happy! :)

    I've always been afraid that a bumpit would make me look like Snooki. But your hair looks lovely...not Snooki-ish at all.

    Love your dress! You look really pretty!

  2. The bumpit is not as easy to navigate as it looks- it takes some practice!

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I'm a great fan of dances etc and get a bit too over excited about them at times. Love your dress.
    Thanks for your lovely comment sweetie.


  4. How fun! Love the shoes :D

    style activist

  5. looks like you were having a lot of fun :)! i love the shoes! thansk a lot for stoping by on my blog!

  6. cute blog :) following you xox

  7. the dress is pretty and you looked great :)

  8. Cute dress! Thanks for your sweet comment dear, now following! Follow back? Kiss

  9. hey
    i love your dress
    thanks for the lovely comment
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